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Funds Retrieval Panel is an amalgamation of top notch Professional Hackers, Cyber forensic Experts, Software Engineers and Backend Gurus who are dedicated to helping victims retrieve their Lost funds from online scammers and fraudsters. We are the leading   Funds Recovery, Assets Recovery & Crypto recovery services provider in the World. Our team of experts are always ready to retrieve your funds. Funds Retrieval Panel was founded As a result of high severe cases of scams and fraud that has led to people loosing their hard earned funds and assets. Everyone knows how it feels to loose money to scammers, and that’s why these numbers of Top notch Hackers and Cyber Forensic Experts has come together to help victim retrieve their funds. One of the  gratifying attributes about us is that We only take cases we are 100% certain that it would result in a successful recovery, we don’t gamble with our client’s cases.  Your time is as valuable as ours, and that’s why we are completely transparent in our evaluation of every case. If it can’t be done, we will tell you so. But, Once we review your case and our diagnosis tells us that your funds can be fully retrieved, then we’ll get to work right away.

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Our CEO is a top Ranked Hacktivist at the Anonymous group. He has earned over 50 badges across various Live hacking events and competitions. He has discovered over 3000 vulnerabilities across various companies he has worked with.  His years of experience has made him master the techniques and tactics of cyber crimes and that’s basically why it’s super easy for our team to carry out Funds Recovery, Assets Recovery & Crypto Recovery Services effortlessly.


Our Team

Our Team is composed of Top notch Professional Hackers, Cyber Forensic Experts, Software Engineers and Backend Gurus. Being a huge threat to scammers and fraudsters has led  great enmity against us. To protect the identity of our team members, we cannot disclose the names and identities of our team members.

Among our team, we have a selection of key personnel who monitors and ensures the delivery of our executions is highly efficient and customer oriented. Every member of our team is well experienced in their various niches and that’s basically why we are always able to deliver great and satisfactory Services to our clients 


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Our Results

We are the leading Funds Recovery, Assets Recovery & Crypto Recovery services provider in the World. Our team of experts are the most reliable fFunds Recovery, Assets Recovery & Crypto Recovery experts in the world with 99.999% success rate. We have helped thousands of victims retrieve their hard earned funds from different forms of scams such as trading investments scam, cryptocurrency scam, romance scam, lottery scam, facebook scam, loan scam, forex scam, debt collection scam, credit card scam, real estate scam and so on.  Over the past four years, we have recovered a total approximate amount of $7,500,000,000 for over 8500 clients. 

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