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Investment scam recovery expert

List Of Reported Scam Companies

Hey Readers,​

We want to use this section to bring your attention to our important weekly/monthly scammer lists that aims to safeguard the crypto community from scam companies. If you’ve come across any suspicious or fraudulent businesses operating in the cryptocurrency space, it’s crucial to report them and warn others.

Let’s work together to create a comprehensive list of scam companies to protect fellow crypto enthusiasts and business investors.

Here are a few companies that have been reported as scams: :A scam brokerage company that offered investment services inlined with shares invested in. :An investment platform that promises returns on investment which turns out to be a fake trading platform

Premium-Xtrade :A clone of the real website

Other Websites on the list are:


Cala Investment

Web3-HFT platform



Let’s keep reporting all scam companies to protect fellow crypto enthusiasts, Traders and investors. Together, we can make the crypto and investment community a safer place!​

Stay vigilant, and let’s stand united against scams!

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